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Google Drive or GShared Drive Basic and Pro Difference


  • At Google Level, Both Type of Accounts are same functions.
  • The Price is High between BASIC and PRO for Google Drive to ensure spam free and prevent abuse of accounts by purchasing at low price or resellers abuse.
  • Why Us? As most EDUs are from,,,, and more. These are easily obtained or sold at lower prices, that means a lot of people have them making them vulnerable to Spam and Abuse. Eventually these accounts or Shared Drives gets deleted. We have a little high price and seperate colleges EDUs making it pretty less vulnerable to account deletions. Also from the colleges we provide EDUs let students have emails even after Graduation.
  • BASIC is from a College for those who can afford BASIC to get it making it medium 80% secure lasting accounts very long.
  • PRO is from a College for those who can afford PRO which makes them 99.5% Secure and their accounts will last forever.
  • We estimate accounts for BASIC and PRO will last forever, there will be only three reasons your account can get deleted.
  • FIRST: You ask us to delete the account.
  • SECOND: You violate Google Terms (same terms which applies to GMAIL Accounts)
  • THIRD: A very bad thing happens eg. Google shuts everything down, Corona kills us all or an Apocalypse.
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