EDU Accounts New Sale (Year 2024)


  • Due to changes by Google, the unlimited Drives ended. Which reduced the number of users per EDU Workspace.
  • We tried to be reasonable in price as much as we could.
  • This is only for New Users Only.
  • You’ll be issued new Account.
  • The storage may vary time to time.
  • Minimum Storage is set to 250 GB for GPS and 500 GB for GTB and 1 TB for BRC and 1 TB for SDS
  • Minimum Storage means you will always have this much of storage. The storage increases when there is spare storage available out of 100 TB.
  • In Safety, GPS is Lowest and SDS is the Most Safe College.
  • There is Strict No Refund Policy for this Product.

Notice: Abusers will be deleted without warning. Abuse includes but not limited to, creating alot of shared drives, uploading MASS amount of Data causing Network Disruption.

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Payment Methods

  • Indian Users can pay using multiple payment method.
  • Users outside India can only pay via Crypto (mentioned below)
  • You can also pay to an Indian friend and he/she can pay your order for you.
  • This is my side hussle, so please avoid asking for more payment methods and all.
  • Paypal and Stripe is not available.

Crypto Details

  • Binance ID: 165541683
  • BTC: 1N2zUDUz8h8B5r1gbZMnHiErthhWGN7EoM (network BITCOIN)
  • ETH: 0xe13e97f7978d83d45401ae3f11876aa002d3a99e (network ERC20)
  • BAT: 0xe13e97f7978d83d45401ae3f11876aa002d3a99e (network ERC20)
  • MONERO: 86jC4u19gRmKXpnykAnRvR6S9RSNVYgZR68Hxp314cukCmENzKQB1GNcDtZXEoFDuCZ9STL78oQpvHGvLpXg34z7Voctp2C (network MONERO)
  • TON: EQBWXtFyaxdcTpojlsypPSPr2jEApf8PPxnuORcDWXOfS0Xr
  • After Payment, Please send screenshot and TXN Details to [email protected] along with your failed order id, to get order id, make sure you try some other methods first on store.

More Details

  • While the risk is 0.1 percent. In worst case scenerio Google may delete anything without any notice. This is not new and can happen to anyone, even normal Gmail accounts as well as Enterprise accounts.
  • Backups are recommened incase of failure from Google Side.
  • Standard Google Drive Terms and Conditions apply to all Drives.


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EDU Accounts New Sale (Year 2024)
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