Google Drive Premium (Paid Google Workspace Enterprise) (Monthly)



Read Below before Purchasing.

This Project is made to make sure everyone gets Unlimited Storage for Personal use at reasonable prices. This is not-for-profit product.

How this works and FAQ

  • You purchase for 1 Month, you get Google Drive Full Account from Hash Hackers which can be renewed every month before end of month. Advance Renewals Only.
  • You’ll get a separate account. This is not a SHARED DRIVE but user can create Shared Drives.
  • This G Suite for Business Workspace Enterprise Standard which is currently 1700 INR (24 USD) per month. (includes 18% Tax)
  • You’ll get Full Drive which can store unlimited and can generate unlimited shared drives.
  • We recommend 100-200 TB of maximum data to be stored by one user in this plan, If you have got a requirement more than that please contact us on Telegram to discuss.
  • You can store up to 300 TB of data without asking but please note the below points before doing that.
  • This is not a contract or Guaranteed Product, if Google tells us to reduce storage as what happened with EDU Plans, we will discuss this with you guys.
  • Refund Policy: This Product is non-refundable but you can discontinue it whenever you want.
  • User must use account for him/herself only, that means you can add, provide TDs to Family and Dear Friends but not on Public Network and you cannot sell Shared Drives from this account.
  • Use must not create 1000s of Shared Drives, that is not practical for single user. Discuss with us before purchasing about our Shared Drive needs.
  • We do not tolerate Child Porn Holders. You’ll be blocked if such a user found, with no refunds.
  • Incase Google forces us that we cannot store this much data here, we’ll ask them for some time and tell you to migrate to some other service, which we hope not happen but the future is uncertain for everything.
  • We Recommend talking to @TheFirstSpeedster on Telegram before purchasing this product in case you’ve more questions.
  • You are sole owner of this particular account that means all Google Terms applied. We will not take or look into anything you do unless we get DMCA emails or Google email for unwanted activity.
  • You can use all services associated with your Google Account.
  • If you discontinue this product we’ll delete all you Shared Drives created by this account.
  • Your activities doesn’t impact the Organization’s other accounts but it is definitely associated with your own account.
  • This Account is of 24USD per month by Google, we charge a small amount because of currency change charges, payment gateway charges and maintenance charges which in around 1 USD or 100 INR included in this service and Tax 18% is also included.
  • Renewal must be done in advance or we’ll delete the account on next period.
  • You can keep your Private data as per your needs. We promise not to look.
  • Any kind of abuse will result in suspention of account and deletion of data, it could be Google or we may have to do it if you do unethical things that Google objects to.
  • We do not profit from this account. So you’re not doing us any favor by purchasing this, this is community service and Hash Hackers won’t be held accountable for your behaviour on the Internet.
  • Please Provide a Correct Google Email. Your data is safe with us and is never shared with anyone else, other than Google (as they own G Drive WorkSpace).

Please Wait 24 Hours before contacting Support.

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